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Is your laptop overheating?

The greatest threat to your laptop, apart from your coffee cup, is overheating which causes hardware failure and even permanent damage. You probably don't realise that this can also be the cause of your lack of performance or why the laptop crashes a lot and before you know it you have a damaged motherboard on your hands.

You may first notice the laptop is getting hot when your fan runs at its maximum speed more often and hot air which is supposed to flow out of the system quickly is no longer doing so.

We offer a strip and clean service for only £39 where we will strip the laptop apart to clean the heatsink and fan and we will also apply new thermal compound to the CPU to ensure the cooling system in your laptop runs as efficently as it should. This will then stop the laptop from shutting down when you were busy using it and even from an early death.

Please call us today on 02920 766039 to stop laptop heat damage in its tracks!

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laptop repair After my initial call my computer was picked up and dropped off fixed and working again within 24 hours. The service I received was excellent. Sandra Thomas, Lisvane.pc repair