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Replacing your laptop power connector (DC Jack)

Does your laptop charge only intermittently or not at all. Unable to power on your laptop even though its plugged in?

Your charger connects to the DC Jack in your laptop which may have become damaged as a result of being knocked or dropped. Also if you have had to push or pull it in a certain way for a few months and now it wont work at all then we can repair this for you.

Price for this repair is £49 and we will replace and strengthen the DC Jack ensuring it's continued operation for a long time after the repairs been carried out. We also keep most types of Jack in stock for a quick repair (Approx. 24hours)

Please call us today on 02920 766039 or just drop into our Cardiff workshop if you think your laptop is suffering from a power connector problem.

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laptop repair After my initial call my computer was picked up and dropped off fixed and working again within 24 hours. The service I received was excellent. Sandra Thomas, Lisvane.pc repair