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Replacing your Hard Drive

The hard drive in your desktop or laptop will need to be replaced for one of two reasons - you need a faster or bigger drive as you have run out of space or you have experienced a hard drive failure. If you have a desktop PC and just want more capacity then we can just add a second drive for you. This can also be done with certain larger laptops that have a space for a second drive.

Here are our current prices for hard drive replacements.

160GB = £29
250GB = £35
320GB = £39
500GB = £49
1TB = £69

Please enquire for prices of larger sizes and/or solid state drives (SSD).

As the drive will be blank I will also be able to install Windows and all its updates with antivirus for you for £40. So if for example you decide to go for a 160GB drive the total cost will be £29 + £40 = £69. If the original hard drive has not completely failed, then we can try to recover the personal data off it.

We keep stocks of all the drives mentioned above so please call us today on 02920 766039 for an immediate repair.

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