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Wireless troubleshooting and installation services

Are you having problems with your internet or wireless connection? If so, then we can come on-site to fix it. Most of our call outs for these issues would be solved within the first hour and if we can't fix the problem there and then we can narrow down the cause of the problem so you can follow it up with your internet service provider or we can replace the router etc.

We can also give fantastic advice on increasing your broadband speed and positioning of wireless devices to get the best performance from your internet set-up. We can even use additional hardware to extend your wirless signal to those places in the house its currently unable to reach.

We will also ensure that your wireless network is set up correctly using a secure password, data encryption and with only a trusted network of computers that have permission to use your wireless network.

Call us today on 02920 766039 so we can show you how to get the most out of your home or small business network.

computer repair
laptop repair After my initial call my computer was picked up and dropped off fixed and working again within 24 hours. The service I received was excellent. Sandra Thomas, Lisvane.pc repair